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1 step forward, 3 steps back
21st Century Girls
A Billion Sorrys
All I Want
all-american bitch
all-american bitch [Clean Version]
Anything Can Be a Dance
Apocalyptic Crush
astronaut (Unreleased)
baby is you
Bad Hair Day
bad idea right?
ballad of a homeschooled girl
Bizaardvark Theme Song
Bop to the Top
Born To Be Brave (feat. Dara Renee)
Breaking Free
Can't Catch Me Now
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Creature Of Habit
deja vu
Do Better (Unreleased)
drivers license
enough for you
Even When/The Best Part
Favorite Crime
Flying Shoes
get him back!
girl i've always been
​girl i’ve always been
good 4 u
happier / deja vu (Mashup)
​happier/deja vu [SOUR Prom]
Hard Time
hope ur ok
I Think I Kinda, You Know (feat. Joshua Bassett)
I Think I Kinda, You Know [Duet]
I Think I Kinda, You Know [Nini Version]
I'm Yours
If I Had a Dog
jealousy, jealousy
Just Because
Just for a Moment
Kid at the Adult Table
Let It Glow [from “Frozen Northern Lights”]
love is embarrassing
love is embarrassing [Clean Version]
Love the Haters
making the bed
Miss This
Naive Girl
never be like her
New School Superstars
Notes in Your Lunchbag
Ocean eyes / drivers license [Mixed]
Olivia Rodrigo - A Short Film [Vevo LIFT]
Oops Wrong Emoji
Out of the Old
Participation Award
Party Don’t Stop
Pay Grade
pretty isn't pretty
Prison For Life (Unreleased)
Rebel Without a Clue
sad tune for your friday night
scared of my guitar
so american
So Dramatic
Something in the Air
Son of a Daughter
Start Of Something New
Start of Something New [Nini Version]
Strangers Again (Unreleased)
Teenage Drama Queen
teenage dream
The Bels
The Best Part
The Comeback Song (feat. Madison Hu)
The Edge of Glory
The Exception
The Greatest Rap Song of All Time
the grudge
The Night Dream
The Ones I Love
The Ones I Love The Most
The Rose Song
The Worst Lullaby Ever
Traitor cover
vampire [Clean Version]
vampire [first demo]
What I've Been Looking For
What I’ve Been Looking For
White Flowers
Wondering [Ashlyn & Nini Piano Version]
YAC Alma Mater [Nini Version]
You Never Know

Curiosidades sobre Olivia Rodrigo

¿Cuáles son las principales canciones de Olivia Rodrigo?
Las principales canciones de Olivia Rodrigo son “drivers license”, “deja vu”, “good 4 u”, “traitor” y “vampire”.
¿Cuáles son los principales álbumes de Olivia Rodrigo?
Los principales álbumes de Olivia Rodrigo son “Sour”, “singles 4 you”, “bad idea right?”, “GUTS (spilled)” y “Guts”.
¿Cuál es el álbum más reciente de Olivia Rodrigo?
El álbum más reciente de Olivia Rodrigo es “GUTS (spilled)”, lanzado en 2024 con 17 pistas.
¿Cuál es el álbum más antiguo de Olivia Rodrigo?
El álbum más antiguo de Olivia Rodrigo es “Bizaardvark”, lanzado en 2016 con 4 pistas.
¿Cuál es la canción de mayor éxito de Olivia Rodrigo?
La canción más popular de Olivia Rodrigo es “deja vu”, del álbum “Sour”, lanzado en 2021.
¿Cuántos álbumes ha lanzado Olivia Rodrigo?
Entre 2016 y 2024, 8 Álbumes fueron lanzados por Olivia Rodrigo.

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