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A Phantasmic Parade
Abyss O'Time (Acoustic Version)
Abyss O´Time
Abyss Of Time (Countdown To Singularity)
Alpha - Anteludium
Another Me
Another Me In Lack'ech
Architect Of Light
Architect of Light
Ascension - Dream State Armageddon
Banish Your Illusion
Beyond Belief
Beyond The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Beyond The Matrix
Blank Infinity
Burn To a Cinder
Canvas Of Life
Chasing the Dragon
Chemical Insomnia
Code Of Life
Consign To Oblivion
Crimson Bow And Arrow
Cry For The Moon
Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers) (Pt. IV)
Cry For The Moon(germany Version)
Crystal Mountain
Dance Of Fate
Dancing In a Hurricane
Dancing In Gyspsy Camp
Death Is Not The End
Death Of A Dream
Decoded Poetry
Dedicate Your Heart
Deep Water Horizon
Design Your Universe
Deter the Tyrant
Dies Irae
Divide and Conquer
Edge Of The Blade
El Código Vital
Epica - The Obsessive Devotion
Everytime It Rains
Facade of Reality
Façade Of Reality
Façade Of Reality - The Embrace That Smothers - Part V
Falsches Spiel
Falsches Spiel (Run For A Fall German Version)
Feint (Acústic)
Fight Your Demons
Follow in the Cry
Fools Of Damnation
Force Of The Shore
Freedom (The Wolves Within)
Guilty Demeanor
Higher High
Human Devastation
Hunab K'u
If Inside These Walls Was A House
Illusive Consensus
Immortal Melancholy
Immortal Melancholy (Acoustic Version)
In All Concience
In All Conscience
Incentive (Bonus Track)
Indigo: Prologue
Internal Warfare
Kingdom Of Heaven
Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns - Part V)
Kingdom Of Heaven Part III - The Antediluvian Universe
Kingdom of Heaven, Part 3 – The Antediluvian Universe
Living A Lie
Living a Lie (The Classical Conspiracy Version)
Living a Lie ~ The Embrace that Smothers part VIII
Long Lost Love
Martyr Of The Free Word
Menace of Vanity
Mirage Of Verity
Monopoly On Truth
Mother Of Light
Natural Corruption
Never Enough
Nothing's Wrong
Ombra Mai Fu
Omega - Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres
Omen (The Ghoulish Malady)
Once Upon a Nightmare
Our Destiny
Replica (cover)
Replica (Fear Factory Cover)
Requiem For The Indifferent
Resign To Surrender
Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns - Part IV)
Rise Again (feat. Apocalyptica)
Run For A Fall
Run for a Fall (We Will Take You With Us)
Safeguard To Paradise
Samadhi (prelude)
Samadhi (Prologue)
Sancta Terra
Seal Of Solomon
Seif Al Din
Semblance of Liberty
Sense Without Sanity - The Impervious Code -
Serenade Of Self-destruction
Sirens - Of Blood And Water
Solitary Ground
Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Stay The Course
Storm The Sorrow
Synergize - Manic Manifest
Syrnegize - Manic Manifest
Tear Down Your Walls
The Cosmic Algorithm
The Divine Conspiracy
The Esence of Silence
The Essence Of Silence
The Fallacy
The Final Lullaby (feat. Shining)
The Funky Algorithm
The Great Tribulation (feat. Fleshgod Apocalypse)
The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding of Reality
The Last Crusade
The Miner
The Obsessive Devotion
The Phantom Agony
The Price of Freedom (Interlude)
The Quantum Enigma (Kingdom Of Heaven Part II)
The Second Stone
The Skeleton Key
The Solace System
This is the time
Tides of Time
Trois Vierges
Twilight Reverie - The Hypnagogic State
Twin Flames (Regular Version) (Bonus Track)
Twin Flames (Soundtrack Version) (North American Bonus Track)
Unchain Utopia
Universal Death Squad
Universal Love Squad
Victims Of Contingency
Wake The World
Web Of Lies
Wheel Of Destiny
Wheel of Destiny
White Waters
Wings Of Freedom

Curiosidades sobre Epica

¿Cuáles son los principales álbumes de Epica?
Los principales álbumes de Epica son “Retrospect”, “The Classical Conspiracy”, “We Will Take You With Us” y “The Phantom Agony”.
¿Cuál es el álbum más reciente de Epica?
El álbum más reciente de Epica es “The Alchemy Project”, lanzado en 2022 con 7 pistas.
¿Cuál es el álbum más antiguo de Epica?
El álbum más antiguo de Epica es “The Phantom Agony”, lanzado en 2003 con 9 pistas.
¿Cuál es la canción de mayor éxito de Epica?
La canción más popular de Epica es “Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers) (Pt. IV)”, del álbum “The Phantom Agony”, lanzado en 2003.
¿Cuántos álbumes ha lanzado Epica?
Entre 2003 y 2022, 15 Álbumes, 3 Singles/EPs y 2 Recopilaciónes fueron lanzados por Epica.

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